1. Pretty damned accurate. ‘Cept though I’m not in my 30’s, I still fit in the “30-somethings without kids” category… http://t.co/ytxCC7Ja

  2. Pretty sure I caught the stomach bug that’s going around… Yay. Prob be up all night… Sigh.

  3. RT @joshcorken: This is my destiny! I MUST HAVE. For Digital Artists, A Pantone #RubiksCube: http://t.co/Zlmpkr6B -via http://t.co/TmcmZQWf

  4. This is the most incoherent article I’ve ever read. Not that I expected much from Fox News anyway…. http://t.co/H2pw2hH7

  5. #lastfm #love So Vexed by FuntCase http://t.co/zegl8RS8

  6. Win Spotify Premium for Life (worth $10,000!!) http://t.co/REnLrigJ via @appsumo

  7. RT @FakeAPStylebook: Put quotation marks around every mention of “Bible,” just to see what happens.